“My resume looks amazing! I am so excited to finally have this item complete and so appreciate your help in reaching that goal!”
Cara D., Education Professional

“I have found Rachel and Susan to be a delight to work with. They are very professional, completely thorough, and have delivered on time and within budget. You can’t go wrong working with them!”
Scott J., Executive Director 

​“The resume looks great. I appreciate all of your hard work!”
Haley S., Graduate Student Applicant

“You did a great job. I really like having you in our corner. You are a huge asset!”

Brenda D., Communications Director

“Rachel is clear in her editing work and helpful with answering my extra questions. She is approachable and introduces good ideas. Rachel edited my work without losing the meaning of my sentences. She added new ideas and strengthened my writing.”

Lucy A., Author, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 

We want you to know that we 100% appreciate the excellent work you've been doing and have been getting nothing but praise for you from our project managers ... we love having you two on our team!

Tommy J., Founder, Marketing Agency

“Wow! Rachel and Susan are some top-notch proofers. I was impressed! Second Look is a fantastic addition to my list of freelancers. They are a great extension of my team!” 
Kristin S., Associate Creative Director 

“Having worked with Susan for many years, she has an uncanny ability for spotting errors and, thankfully, has saved us from potential embarrassment on more than one occasion! Her thorough approach ensures proposals go out in the best possible shape. Susan is extremely detail-minded and always maintains a high standard of quality … and as an added bonus she is a lot of fun to work with! 
Dan S., Chief Operating Officer

“Thanks for reviewing the site. It looks like we have a bunch of corrections to make!”
Tim R., CEO/IT Industry

“Thank you SO MUCH! This is exactly what I had in mind ... the staff will find this enormously helpful. This is exactly what I was looking for ... not just corrections, but help unifying our voice. It's very difficult for me to have time and focus for this level of accuracy when I'm coordinating all the other moving parts. You also confirmed items that I thought might need fixing. I so appreciate your work!”
Dana B., Publications Expert, Project Manager, Designer

“Those (blog posts) look great. Awesome work.”
Tomas E., Email Marketing Specialist

“Great job! The process was very smooth with our content writer. Keep up that great work!”

Silvia P., Content Project Manager

“I was very impressed with Susan and Rachel’s quick response and all of their suggestions were ‘spot on.’ I was extremely pleased with their recommendations for Digital Doc’s new website and utilized every change. Thanks for bringing to my attention the importance (and for now making me paranoid!) of proper sentence structure and eliminating typos … so glad Second Look was there to save me!” 
Andy T., Owner

“Thank you for your very quick turnaround on our sales pieces. We have gone through the recommendations and like what you have suggested. I will be making the copy edits to both pieces this week. Great job.”
Theresa F., Graphic Designer

“Working with Rachel is incredible! She is professional, exceptional at her work, and makes a superb partner. Rachel has the gift of being a natural editor; she literally sees every error. Rachel’s work goes far beyond catching the grammatical … she transforms your work from something ordinary to the extraordinary. My expectations are always exceeded!”
Mary Kay C., Director of Training 

​“When I work with Susan and Rachel I have complete confidence in the materials I send to print. Their attention to detail and professionalism are outstanding. In addition to their proofreading and editing skills, they also take ownership of projects in a way that shows me they sincerely care that every aspect of my publications are correct.... While I rely on them mainly for proofreading, they also possess excellent editing skills and I have asked them many times for advice on making articles more readable without sacrificing appropriate grammar. Professional and friendly, Rachel and Susan are a pleasure to work with and the peace of mind they bring to my job is priceless.” 
Annie K., Director of Marketing


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