• Proofreading/editing of digital and printed materials
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation and word choice
  • Typos and spacing
  • Consistent formatting
  • Overall look and flow of document
  • Light to medium editing
  • Websites, newsletters, handbooks, directories, blogs, marketing materials, social media profiles, proposals, annual reports, etc. We proofread/edit anything!

* Klara, Robert. “Bad Grammar Are Bad for Branding Why is marketing becoming increasingly illiterate?” ADWEEK, 09 May 2014. Web. 26 Aug. 2014. http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/bad-grammar-are-bad-branding-157579 
* Studies by Internet marketing firms Global Lingo and Standing Dog Interactive 

Did you know?

“… 74% of consumers pay attention to the correctness of the prose on company websites and 59% of respondents said they would avoid doing business with a company that’s made obvious errors … 58% of consumers were either ​‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ annoyed by the presence of copy errors.” *

  • Details matter … everything needs a Second Look!  
  • Let’s face it, social media creates laziness 
  • Competition is fierce ... attract and maintain business with a polished look and feel using Second Look’s services 
  • Results delivered on-time, on-budget​
  • ​Familiar with all major style guides
  • Let the experts make you look great
  • 25 years combined corporate experience 
  • Exceptional proofreading and editing skills 
  • Keen eye for detail combined with a love of the English language 
  • Excellent customer service: responsive and accurate
  • Superior project management and organizational skills
  • Bachelor of Arts degrees in English (Rachel) and Communication Arts (Susan)