Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does Second Look do? 
Second Look is a proofreading and editing service offered to businesses and individual clients looking for a thorough, professional review of digital and printed content to ensure the highest possible quality. 

2. What is the simple Four-Step Process to work with Second Look? 
Step 1: 
Discuss project details and determine a scope of work (i.e., style guide, deadline, cost, etc.) 
Step 2:
Submit materials to be reviewed via email or courier service 
Step 3:
Review materials and provide revisions 
Step 4:
Return materials to client by deadline 

3. Does Second Look accept digital and printed materials? 
Yes, we accept both digital and printed materials. Digital materials can be sent via email to rachel@secondlookproofreading.com or susan@secondlookproofreading.com. Second Look may print hard copies for thorough proofreading purposes. Printed materials can be sent via courier (Options: Red Express Delivery Services 859/431-5000 or City Dash 513/562-5000) to Second Look 3254 Ashwood Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45213. 

4. What formats of digital documents does Second Look accept? 
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF 

5. How does Second Look indicate revisions and return to me?
Revisions are returned via email or courier by deadline using one of the three options below:
Option 1:
“Track changes” in Microsoft Word or "Comment" feature in PDF OR
Option 2:
Indicate changes in red on digital or printed materials OR 
Option 3:
Provide a document summarizing changes

6. What is the turnaround time for proofreading/editing? 
Turnaround times are based on the project size and are mutually agreed upon between Second Look and the client. Rush charges may be applied if immediate turnaround requested.


1. What style guides/resources does Second Look follow? 

Our style guide is based on credible, established resources such as the Associated Press Stylebook, The Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Style Manual and The Elements of Style as well as commonly acceptable formats. 

2. Can I give Second Look my own style guide? 
Yes, we often work with in-house style guides. Or, if you don't have one, we're happy to create a style guide for you.

3. Will my materials be kept confidential?
Yes, professional discretion is extremely important to us and we are willing to sign (our form or yours) a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as necessary. 


1. What does Second Look charge? 

Because each project is unique, Second Look charges on a per-project basis. Once the scope of work is determined, and we've completed an initial free review of your materials/documents, we'll provide an estimated price range and time frame to complete your project. Contact us anytime for a free estimate ... we look forward to working with you!

2. How do I pay? 

We accept cash, checks and electronic checks. 

3. What are the payment terms and conditions? 
Total due in 15 days; overdue accounts subject to a service charge of 10% per month after 15 days. 


1. What does Second Look proofread/edit? 

We offer businesses and individual clients a thorough professional document review of digital and printed materials ensuring the highest possible quality. Services include: correction of grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, spacing, paging, consistency, balance design integrity with the overall look of document and light to medium editing services. Proofreading and editing of the following documents: websites, blogs, marketing materials, newsletters, social media profiles, style guides, resumes, design proposals, annual reports, letters, handbooks, surveys, membership directories, announcements, appeal letters, programs, invitations, posters, press releases, etc. 

2. What benefits does Second Look offer?
By using our services, you will be assured that the materials you are distributing are of the highest quality with a professional finish. We are exceptionally detailed-oriented. Our job is to make you look great! 

3. What experience does Second Look offer? 
We are the experts in proofreading and editing. We have 25 years of combined corporate experience servicing global clients while providing exceptional customer service. 

4. Does Second Look use software to proofread materials?

Nope ... all humans, all the time!

5. How do I reach Second Look? 

Click here to submit a Contact Us form
Rachel Sabo, Co-Founder: 513/284-3775 rachel@secondlookproofreading.com 
Susan Thomas, Co-Founder: 513/532-0542 susan@secondlookproofreading.com